Stampy Cat is a famous youtuber. He plays MINCRAFT. He is so popular because of his PG language and funny personality. He has over 5,343,092 subs on youtube. Go to youtube and tipe in Stampylonenose to get to is channel

The Penderwicks

I am reading a book and it is called The Penderwicks. It is about four girls named  Rosiland, Batty, Jane and Skye and two boys named, Jeffrey and Cagney, and a snooty Mrs. Tiften and her boyfriend Dexter and of course, Mr. Penderwick.  The Penderwicks have a dog named Hound.  Mr. Penderwick, Hound and the four girls went on a trip to Aroondle Hall. When they got to Aroondle Hall they met Cagney and Jeffrey.  Jeffrey, Cagney and the four girls became good friends.  Then Jeffrey told Skye, Jane and Batty about a killer bull.  So they went to the farm and saw a bull.  Batty slipped through the gate and went to pick daisies.  The bull came charging towards Batty and Skye and Jeffrey saw the bull charging towards Batty.  So they slipped through the gate and Jeffrey tackled the bull while Skye got Batty.  Then Skye called to Jeffrey ” Let’s go, I have Batty”.  Skye threw Batty to Jeffrey.  Jeffrey took Batty to safety then went to help Skye.  Jeffrey said to the bull, “Look at me you dumb bull” Then Skye had a chance to run away.  Jeffrey quickly slipped through the gate and they all went home. They never told anyone. I will make a part 2 and maybe a part 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






England is the biggest country in Great Britain. It is about the size of Alabama. England is north-west of Europe. It is in southern part of Britain. People who live in England are mostly  british. 84% of the UKs population lives in England! North England is mostly covered in moorland and mountains



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This is voki. A talking avatar!!!!

Happy Puppy!

Once there was a puppy, His name was Happy Puppy. Happy Puppy was named Happy puppy because he lived with rich people who gave him table food and his own room!!!! Happy Puppy liked too…




What I Got For Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a lot of things for Christmas!!! I got a Lego Friends mall. I got a Minecraft Lego set too. I got a 3DS, and a Snackeez cup.I also got a Minecraft cat and a Minecraft calender. I got a new TV, a 3DS case and MarioKart 7. I also got a box of candy. And guess what, on top of the box of candy there was a, $25.oo TOYS R US GIFT CARD!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I forgot I also got a stuffed white Baymax! That’s all I got far Christmas. Leave in the comments what you got for Christmas. I would like to hear. Have a good year!!!!!!!!!





Hey guys, it is finally 2015. Some things I am going to post about is like what I am doing in school and whats going on in my life. I will also post pics of my dogs and stuff. I promise to post more books and videos. I will post about new things through the year. Hope you have a good year!!!!!!!




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Fun Fractions

fun fractions on PhotoPeach

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